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Tutorials Project
« on: November 01, 2009, 11:36:13 AM »

based on a german forum thread we started a (non official) german tutorials project.
Tutorial link removed 404
The aim of this tutorial-project  is to give specific help to specified returning forum questions and to show some tipps and tricks for WB. The site is maintained by the tutorial authors.
This project will complement the help project and should not be seen as a substitution or a contest.

For WB is an international project we would like to have this project international too.
For this reason we need:
- volunteers who would like to translate existing german tutorials into Dutch/English (or other languages)
- volunteers who would like to write tutorials that can be translated into English and German (or other languages) then.

The tutorials that are currently be written can be seen here:
Tutorial link removed 404

If you would like to volunteer please use the regstration form
Tutorial link removed 404

Would like to have lot of volunteers soon  :-)


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Re: Tutorials Project
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Hi there

tonight we published the Tutorial link removed 404.
For it is only german at this time please see Tutorial link removed 404

For those who would like to follow the german thread click here

Thanks to all involved people

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