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Re: Upgraded from 2.7 to 2.8
« Reply #25 on: April 29, 2010, 10:59:02 PM »
This failed because I renamed the administrator interface at install time, many moons ago.

I spotted it while trying to solve the "blank pages" issue I mention in the highlighted edit I made to my lengthy message earlier in the thread. The problem is that /admin is a standard location for the admin interface of a WebsiteBaker installation, which makes it too easy to find and start trying to crack. A little bit of security by obscurity can help here (if only a little) so on my deployed sites I used a different admin location.

What I did not realise is that this physically renames the folder in which the admin components lie. If you then later upgrade to WebsiteBaker 2.8, the copy of 2.8 files fails because it uses the old admin name rather than copying a folder using whatever name you have configured. This is kind of subtle, because there are no file copy errors or permissions errors; you simply end up with a default 2.8 admin tree alongside your old 2.7 files in whatever folder name you (inadvertently) defined.

So, I fixed my site in the end by starting from my backup, following the upgrade instructions and then making sure the admin folder was renamed to replace the now outdated, custom named administration folder.

I suppose it was an obvious thing to look for in hindsight, with the admin interface still showing a version number of 2.7; but I'm from a Rails background, where the link between URLs and code is much more abstracted than in WebsiteBaker, where a PHP file exists for each page you fetch. With that in mind, the requirement to rename the directory in which the admin interface resides in order to change the path used to reach it is pretty obvious!

Perhaps the upgrade instructions should mention this potential pitfall. It may help other people.