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WebsiteBaker Project
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Dear Community

thank you all for your continued support of WebsiteBaker and everybody involved in it over the last years. As Matthias has retired from leadership after WB 2.8 release (see his announcement in this thread) we, the WebsiteBaker Association, are stepping up to take over and advance WebsiteBaker even further.

Our first task was to take stock and then we made a list of things that should be done. We first started to work on the organizational structure. The current organizational chart can bee seen on the homepage of WebsiteBaker Org e.V..

At the same time we started to contact all people, who volunteered in the last months. But it does take time to get the people into the right places. If someone wants to volunteer with this please feel free to contact us (board[at]

We reanimated the help project and they started working (lead by BerndJM) to get a brand new help site for the 2.8 release. The future help site will be available in more languages than today (French and Italian are planned). If you would like to work on a special language within the help-project please let us know (board[at]
The project time-line for the help sites is based on getting the German pages done first before then translating the Dutch and English pages. After that it is planned to open up for more languages.

There is a press-team to publish news about WebsiteBaker Project in the future. Even for this team members (from various countries/regions) are welcome to spread the news all over the world.
In addition we will modify the existing wikipedia-pages and create some new page languages within wikipedia.

We are implementing an internal Project Software (Redmine) to ensure that all work can be done under best possible conditions and nothing gets lost.

Based on the past experience we started a security team (lead by FrankH) that will take care of upcoming or known security risks and will work as contact for forum members who had her sites hacked.
Frank will publish some news about this as soon as possible.

As in the past there was no independent body for the important function of Quality Management we are establishing a dedicated team to ensure the future quality of WebsiteBaker CMS and create guidelines for templates and modules.

Another main important issue we have is the future version of WebsiteBaker. We started a developer group to discuss the strategic development of the next generation WebsiteBaker CMS.
As soon as this group has fixed first results we will start a comparable group to discuss the future strategic marketing. If you want to support us in this group please contact (board[at]

In all groups and teams the main language is English and we hope to involve more international members and users of WebsiteBaker.

In the near future we will rework the forum, member-labels and access for forum members to the external and internal boards.

Moreover we will start to rework the WebsiteBaker homepage. If you want to take part please contact (board[at] This team has not yet started work.

But our to-do-list is really not done. There are lots of items we have in mind for the future.

We hope you can see that we are working busy on many items that are important for the WebsiteBaker Project but even Rome was not built in one day.

So we all have to be patient to see and get results, but the more people are involved the earlier results can be seen.

In the name of the e.V.

erpe  Ruud  Klaus
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