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WebsiteBaker 2.8 (Final) released
« on: August 15, 2009, 10:53:22 AM »

we are proud to announce the release of WebsiteBaker 2.8.0 (stable).

WebsiteBaker 2.8 is the consistent follow-up of WebsiteBaker 2.7. Based on the WebsiteBaker 2.7 code it includes several fixes and also new and updated features. A nearly complete list you can find here.

WebsiteBaker 2.8 - new installation
Download the installation package from, unpack it on your local computer and upload all files to your webspace. Then run the installation wizard as described on the WB help site: English, German, Dutch

Note: Remember to delete the installation folder /install and the file upgrade-script.php after the installation. It is not required to run the the upgrade script if you do a clean installation.

Upgrading from an existing WB 2.7 installation
Detailed information about the upgrade process can be found on the WB 2.8 help site.

Note: Remember not to overwritte your existing config.php file when upgrading from WB 2.7.

Upgrading from older versions
If you are running WB 2.6.x or even 2.5.x you first must upgrade to WB 2.7. How to upgrade you can find here:
Upgrading 2.6.7 to 2.7
Upgrading 2.x to 2.6.7

Upgrading from WB 2.8 RC1/RC2
You only need to overwrite all files with the ones from the Final Package (except config.php). You don't need to run the upgrade-script again. The only thing you have to do is manually change the WB Version in your database. Replace in settings-table the Version "2.8RC1" with "2.8". Whether you change this or not has no effect of the functionality of WB 2.8, it has only informational character.

Note: From RC2 to final version we again added about 40 changes/fixes to the package. So upgrading from RC to final is strongly recommanded.

Note: All customized files (FCK settings, frontend.css / backend.css stuff) will be overwritten while uploading the new files via FTP, so you have to take care not to overwrite them or to make a backup of those files before.

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.8
Matthias Gallas
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