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Search result ranking
« on: August 03, 2009, 07:58:29 PM »

I created the "snippet" which can help you set priority on search result page. (something like google page ranking)

The snippet actually doesnt do anything  :-D, I only used it to alter the table - to add search_priority field in table pages. So when you install it, you can uninstall it  :-D

When you do that, you must update your files from the patched zip file. Files which are required to restore are the ones in admin/pages (where you define settings for page) and in WB backend themes.

Also you must replace some code in search/search.php file.. All is explained in zip file..

Now, when you do all that, you will find search_priority field in admin-pages-settings. Priority is tested for value between 1-99

Here is example:

Page 1: search_priority: 10
Page 2: search_priority: 30
Page 3: search_priority: 20
Page 4: search_priority: 5

I tested with WYSIWYG editor, and if you have text: " test " on all pages, on search result page you will gave result:

Page 4
Page 1
Page 3
Page 2

It would be nice if someone could repack this to admin 'tool', so you can see the list of pages with with search_priority values, for easier management ( something like user search module)

all best

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