Author Topic: WebsiteBaker 2.8 RC2 released  (Read 2960 times)

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WebsiteBaker 2.8 RC2 released
« on: July 27, 2009, 10:34:02 PM »

just released the Release Candidate 2 of WebsiteBaker 2.8.

Big thanks to the whole community and all testers of the RC1 Version. Without your testing the RC2 would not have been possible. The RC2 fixes the following bugs from RC1:

  • Homefolders are now only viewable and writable for their users (was already a bug in WB 2.7)
  • Backend.js are again loaded in header. All Modules wich uses backend.js are now kompatible to WB 2.8. Additional modul developpers can use an backend_body.js to include Javascript in the body.
  • A lot of validiaton bugs in whole backend (Thanks to Luisehahne, the "VALIDATOR"  :-D)
  • Some validiation bugs in Frontend of news and form Modul

To update a WB 2.8RC1 to WB 2.8RC2 simply overwrite all Files with the newer ones, ecept config.php. Also the whole install dir isn't required for the update and running an upgradescript is also not needed.

From my point of view, if there are not found some major bugs in the next days the RC2 will be the Final.

Have Fun

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