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show_menu2 question
« on: July 02, 2009, 06:11:18 PM »
I am playing with multilanguage site, and i made menu to switch language. I made tab over .menu-current  with flag in it. It works nice when you click on flags, when you click on seccond od third level of menu, I lose tab over current language. (there is no tab over both flags..)

Is there any way to make the language selected (with tab over it) all the time wit sm2 or sm ? This is the flag menu below.

Code: [Select]
show_menu2(0, SM2_ROOT, SM2_START, SM2_PRETTY, '<li> [ac]<img src="' .WB_URL .'/media/flags/[menu_title].png" /> </a>','</li>','<ul id="language_menu">','</ul>','');
-------Update, , here is example:

I have first menu, for eg English and German:       **EN**      DE , and there is background picture behind english flag.

Defult language is  english. Now when I  click any menu item (in 2nd or 3rd menu level), background behind EN or DE dissapear.. I used .menu-current class, which is wrong, and of course it works only if you click on EN or DE flags.. So basicly I need to mark the top level menu:

Code: [Select]
  -page 1
  - page 2
  -page 3

 - page 4
 - page 5
 - page 6

If you click page 1,2,3 then I want to highlight EN, and if you click pages 4,5,6 then highlight DE.. Is this possible ???

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Re: show_menu2 question
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Solution found here:,14037.msg86747.html#msg86747

Recomended tool for all multilanguage site :)

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