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Re: Snippet: Easy Multilanguage Link
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I have used the WebsiteBaker Multilingual Switcher 1.6.5
After klicking the link, the previously done assignment is gone. I do not think this is the originally intended functionality. Does anybody know what this link is intended to do?

if you install the module on a working system (maybe with 20 pages), the install progress update the new database field "page-code" with the page-ID from every page
But if you add a new page, the system set a 0 (zero) to this database field, you have to go to the page settings and select a target page from the main language tree

when you start a project with a installed multi lingual module from the begin and add all your pages, every page has the page code "0", but the script doenst work with a target page-id == 0, it needs the real page-id from the target page or the page-ID from this page self

The Link "page-code" set all this page-code's from zero to the page-id from every page, so that multi lingual can work without problems
but.... its also a RESET - all previously settings are gone without warning!

its helpfull, if you need a fast solution for a bigger system with many pages and sometime the Reset is a good solution, but not everytime..

in the next module version in wb 2.8.4 this link will only set the page-code-fields with a 0 and dont touch my settings there
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Re: Snippet: Easy Multilanguage Link
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Hi Chris,

here is what pagecode is for:

First - Just dont forget to install the patch files..

No, as it is mentioned in first post, you do not need to have same pages on different languages.

For example:

EN                                ES
Home    <home>           Home es
Page 1    <page1>         Pagina 1
Page 2     <seccond>     Paggina 2
Page 3

In <> is page code which needs to be inpuded in page settings. In this example, you see that Page 3 has no match page on spanish. When you click on flag image while you are on that page, you will be redirected to page where you set "home" page code.


I used  Easy Multilanguage Link Snippet, and not Multilingual Switcher so I dont know why pagecodes resets.

I had no problems with Easy Multilanguage Link Snippet, it works perfectly so far.
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