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Freestyleair Swiss Aerobatic Championship Homepage
« on: April 29, 2009, 07:44:00 PM »

I finished my 3th homepage with the amazing WebsiteBaker!

Its an easy, simple design info page about the upcoming event.
I like the new tiltviewer gallery! ;-)
There is only one thing I cant Safari Browser, the green of the left container (jpg-file) appears in another color shade then the defined background green from the right container. Firefox & IE is no problem...the safari seems to change the colors of RGB jpg files.... :?

However...its still amazing how easy and fast I could construct this page with WebsiteBaker. I really love it!
Thanks to all the guys here in the forum...some of them help me a lot!

By the way: What are you doing at 28-30th August? Cu at Beckenried, Switzerland! ;-)