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file upload name batch
« on: April 08, 2009, 07:54:37 PM »
just lately installed baker because WP really sucked with every-day security holes & updates

this is nice an simple

however, when upload image with scandic, ä ö Åå
it came up with ____  but when inserting it to page, the src came up with ä and ö.
(maybe becos my server is old and not fully utf-8) so what i did was functions.php media_filename:

Code: [Select]

$low=array("ä" => "a", "ö" => "o", "Ä" => "a", "Ö" => "o", "Å" => "a", "É" => "a", "Á" => "a", "Ü" => "u", "Ñ" => "n");

What do you thin, could this be done in more simple way?