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I am setting up the Sava CMS (Coldfusion) at work. They have a cool feature called 'collections.' This allows you to add and file or page to a collection and use it on your page in various ways. So you might have a site for artists. If you wanted to feature all the content related to Photoshop Brushes you could create a custom collection "Photoshop Brushes" and point to all the files you want in that list, then add that to the page as a list or summary or rss (summary includes link, plus description, plus an image if one is available). You might then create another page for "Designing Game Backgrounds" and it could include links to some of the same files and pages as the Photoshop Brushes. I am finding this very useful at work as we have a lot of files and I can create custom lists for each department or user group without duplicating content -and the lists have the security settings of the containing page.