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Hide menu????
« on: January 16, 2009, 10:54:41 PM »
1 Q -----------------------------------------------------------
I want to hide menu. To see the link but can not pressure him. Here's an example:
I do not want it: <li> <a href="" target="_top"> Information </ a> <ul> </ li>

I want it: <li> <a href="#"> Information </ a> <ul> </ li>
2 Q-----------------------------------------------------------
How to do it and who should file do this?

I have another question. How can I put in the gallery with IFRAME link to open another site in the site. (Gallery: Swift / Here's a link to it: Here in this way: http://www.jerryphoto. net / codesample.htm
click on the Website Example - Preview any website from yours!
wow--- looking for exactly that, great,11327.msg67934.html#msg67934

The second question found decision but remains first.
Please give suggestions.
Please for help. I accept any comments and decisions
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