Author Topic: Who wants to make a few bucks by helping me out implementing WB once in a while?  (Read 1859 times)

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Hello everybody,

Just a short introduction to start of with; my name is Bas and I run a small web development company in the centre of the Netherlands. Recently a lot of stuff has happened; my former partner has quit, the main web server with a lot of client websites has crashed completely and I'm still behind on a lot of work from other clients. Because of all of this, I'm very busy and I don't get around doing relatively easy stuff, like implementing sites with WB. Therefore I wanted to inquire whether there are people here interested in helping me with this.

I'm looking for someone who can (at least) do the following; implement an already fully sliced CSS/(X)HTML design into WebsiteBaker and then tweaking it a bit so it can be used without further work. As we all know, just implementing takes about 10 minutes normally. But to get the site to work as the designer intended, it almost always takes some more time. For instance, you want the menu to work just right, the header to change with every different page, a news section module on the front page, stuff like that. If you love WB just as much as I do and like doing things like this (and don't mind making some money in the progress :wink:) than I might be looking for you!

Please leave a message and answer the following questions:
- What are you capable of and how much experience do you have? (For instance, if you can turn a Photoshop design into a valid CSS/(X)HTML page, than more work is possible to be heading your way later if you're interested.)
- How much time would it normally take for you to get a site up and running after getting al the necessary details? (This would normally comprehend a design overview (often PDF) that explains the way the site should work and look like, a fully sliced design and the details for FTP, SSH and Direct Admin to an account where you can set up WebsiteBaker.)
- How much do you charge? (Fixed price or getting paid per hour?)

I hope I've made clear what I'm looking for and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions. Thanks for your time!

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Hi Bas,

First i'm gonna introduce me, i'm Bram and i'm 21 years old at this moment. I'm running also some WB sites and doing hosting on a Unix webserver (Debian). Also i'm experienced with DirectAdmin.

I might be interested, but i have to tell you, i'm not a css expert. I made some sites (i can show them if you want) And i made 3 templates till so far (most of the time for testing and getting to know css better).

If you want some more info feel free to contact me by PM or by mail.

Kind Regards,

Bram / Bramus
BRAMUS Internet Services