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A bit late, but...
« on: August 07, 2008, 05:46:25 AM »
Hi everyone!
I know I should have made it days ago, but I was so happy to find WB and so anxious to make erything work that I start post here to ask for help before even present me to the community. Sorry for my bad manners.

I think Idon't need to say English is not my natural language - I'm a brazilian History teacher with a very curious mind so I could not stick with "just" teaching business. I develop web activities to several e-learning projects and have a really tiny site because it's just to support my classes. It's really avery small community, but I love to work to give it a good support.

I would like to say how much surprised I feel when I found WB, about a week ago, and tested it. This is the most amazing cms I ever found. And, boy, I saw a lot of cms! I start my search for a tool that could make my site dynamic about two  months ago and besides spent hours surffing google' lists I spent too much time installing (and deleting) blog tools, e-learning tools and - believe - testing every cms listed at! I garantee it's a nut's job :roll: I sure can talking about goods and bads in cms tools.

Funny thing is: I found an article for some guy talking about "how marvellous WB is to a small site", get the demo and thought: "Nah, thisis away too basic ..". Back to the "install-test-delete" routine. Weeks later, I put my smart cap and let aside demos at to go directly to develloper website. Then WOW!
I could not believe, this baby is perfect! I'm now adjusting my site to a new debut powered by WB and still have a lot of oooh! and aaaah! moments  :-D

As anybody here, I'm anxious waiting for WB3. Read a lot of treads about it and also abot others issues. I think this community a very special blend and I hope I'll find some way to contribute.
Sorry for talking too much! Yeah, I'm a chatty person...



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Re: A bit late, but...
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2008, 08:29:17 AM »
Hope to see your WB site when it is done, so we can check it out and see what you made with WB. And i sure can agree this CMS looks at first sight a bit basic, but when you work with it you find a lot of things that are possible without having a CMS like Joomla with 1000000 options.

I just love the ease of use with this CMS and you can do almost everything. And offcourse with this active community there is always something new to try ;)
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Re: A bit late, but...
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2008, 06:05:23 PM »
Hi Bramus!
Nice to meet you. I've read some of your posts and know you're a very active member here. I'll post my site address when it's done, but I think you'll not find anything really new in it. As I said, it's a very basic site for now, I even keep the template unchanged (it's Landzilla, a wonderful work).
I also agree with the "stick with the ease of use" opinion. The beauty of WB it's exactly to be powerful but simple and anyone can make the best use in accordance with skills, needs and fancy. I know it's hard to resist the pressure to put every new function and tool into a product but it's important keep in mind that sometimes "the great is the enemy of the good".