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Title: Menu link behaivour and firstpage code
Post by: Lotus on February 18, 2008, 09:32:40 AM
I have some wishes to WebsiteBaker, forgive me if this is old news and considered features already.

Sometimes a page can not be saved because there is another with the same name, this often ocure when using a menulink in the top level pointing to a page in second level. The menulink can be altered and saved but the second page can only be altered if you point the menulink somewhere else first. Great if this didnĀ“t happen.

As this often encounters special code, there is often no need for a WYSIWYG editor but it can not be removed if not removing it in the prefs. a workaround is to upload the intropage.php with a ftp-client. But that is not a complete right way to do it regarding ownership and rights.

WB is a great app with potential, keep it simple and keep up the good work! Looking forward to 2.7 and 3.0.
Title: Re: Menu link behaivour and firstpage code
Post by: ruebenwurzel on February 18, 2008, 11:31:49 AM

1. Menulink
The Menulink modul from WB 2.7 is totally rewritten as it was very buggy in previous versions. But the problem you have has nothing to do with the menulink. As far as i know the same pagename isn't allowed on the whole WB. But you maybe can solve your problem also with WB 2.7, as we have added the posibility to change the menu name independend from the page name. So the pagename must be different (as before) but menu point in frontend could be the same.

2. Intropage
There are no changes in the upcoming WB 2.7. The handling is the same as in WB 2.6.7. I'm according that some times there is no need for WYSIWYG Editor but the most users of WB use intropage as it is right now. And the users who have the knowledge to make a intro page with their own code should also have the knowledge how to handle this by bypassing the WYSIWYG Editor. Also there is not really a need to upload the intropage with ftp. Simply deactivate the WYSIWYG Editor in the WB settings, then you have a blank textfield when editing the intropage and after finishing reactivate the WYSIWYG Editor. So you see all can be done from within the WB backend.