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Title: Artificial Intelligence Problem
Post by: Bramus on February 16, 2008, 01:17:43 PM
I'm using the Artificial Intelligence template for one of my new websites, i modified it, but i left the menu and those things working and didnt edit anything about it. But now i have a problem, i made a page layout with:
Code: [Select]
--Product A
--Product B
--Product C

when i had only 2 products like Product A and Product B, the menu was nice lined up, but now i'm using 3 products, the submenu goes to the right :S Very strange. I could make a screenshot if that would clear-up!

Normal Home  ( What it should look like

Machines  ( What happens, and the search box + address box should be on the same place only beneith the sub menu, like on the Home.

This only happens when i have 3 SubPages, when i have 2 SubPages it doesnt happen! If you need more info to help me solve this, let me know!

Thanks for the time