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Title: deprecated function show_menu() and menu()
Post by: Gast on February 26, 2018, 02:27:07 PM
Due to an accident while recoding the file "frontend.functions. php" it was forgotten to add the old function show_menu ().
Since this function show_menu () has been deprecated for years (see also here (,30768.msg214439.html#msg214439)), we decided not to provide this function with a fix.
Help for changing over to the show_menu2 () function can be found here ->
Show_Menu2 - README + Solutions for different navigations (,23012. msg155271. html#msg155271)

and here ->

Show_Menu2 - README + Lösungen für verschiedene Menüs (,23004. msg155212. html#msg155212)

as well as in many articles about show_menu2 ()

Admin edit: removed hint to use alternate functions, because produce a lot of error messages