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Title: Sitemap 3.1.3. What holds the future?
Post by: Boudi on February 08, 2018, 11:04:08 AM

As for years WB has an (unofficial) sitemap module V3.1.3. (see att.)

Personally I still use this simple mod on 80% of my builds for several reasons. But the 'problem' that I'm facing lately is the lack of options. And to get more specific: what I really would dig is the option to (un)check visibility of each individual page. Now the current version supports the option to hide child pages and/or hidden pages. All cool but sometimes you want certain hidden pages to be visible in the sitemap and others not.

So my question is if any dev is willing to check this mod out if there's a way to extend this mod with my desired option. And create a nice official mod of this oldie again. I think lots of users would appreciate this gesture.

Kind regards,