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Title: WB-2.10.0 stable version published
Post by: DarkViper on March 04, 2017, 11:42:57 PM
Hello everybody,

we are pleased to announce today the stable version 2.10.0 of WebsiteBaker!

WB-2.10.0 is the successor version of 2.8.3. It is a complete package and contains everything that has been published in the context of the 2.8.3 Core since it was tagged in the year 2009.
An upgrade is possible from all of the 2.8.3 versions. But never from earlier ones versions before 2.8.3.
The most important changes in and from the 2.10.0 core
The most recent modules are now available in the addon repository ( of WebsiteBaker.

In a follow up post you get additional and more detailed informations about all the main modifications in 2.10.0.
Another post will describe you the future development of WebsiteBaker.

We hope you have fun with…

the WebsiteBaker dev team
(which is already in the development of WB-2.11.0)