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Title: Patch Day December 2016
Post by: DarkViper on December 29, 2016, 02:51:35 AM
During the last months we've put a lot of energy and work into version 2.8.3, which has now reached a very stable and safe state with the SP7. From now on the core of the 2.8.3 will no longer receive any additional functions.
Only the most necessary, real errors and security problems will be fixed, which are published in the form of an additive fix package.
Warning: This patch will work only on WB-2.8.3-SP7 !!!
Never use it on other WB versions !!


Today we published the newest of the patch files. Please install the patch to fix some little problems of the 2.8.3-SP7. Download the patch from WB-Wiki (
This patch already includes the newest version of PHPMailer !!!

Some words about the patch:
Note that it contains only the core files!
If you also want to update your add-ons, go to ( to download the latest versions of it.

For a proper working system you require to update following add-ons (modules) which can be downloaded from our add-on repository too:

  • JsAdmin v2.0.7 (  > some fixes in drag and drop handling
  • Output_Filter v1.1.0 (  > some backend settings and filters are reworked
  • DefaultTheme v1.1.14 ( > little fixes in HTML and CSS code; some design depending features added.
more details soon you can read in the WebsiteBaker add-on repository

From our next post you can get more detailed information about the future of WebsiteBaker.

For now it's important to install this patch to make your system more stable and secure too.

How to install the patch:
   that's all......
... and have fun with WebsiteBaker