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Title: Shipping cart show wrong total per item (v1.76)
Post by: CodeALot on February 11, 2016, 11:47:08 AM
In the shopping cart it shows # items, price, shipping costs, total

Bakery does not add the shipping costs to the total amount on that line. Which is wrong.
If an item costs € 10,- and shipping is € 2,- the total column should read € 12,-

Where can I change that?
Another thing is when there are additional shipping costs for shipments abroad.
Let's say the article is standard € 2,- shipping, and if it has to be sent abroad there an additional charge of € 10,-

After filling out the customer form, the shop 'knows' the shipment has to go to another country. In the overview, the € 2,- is added to € 10,- and a shipping total is shown as € 12,-
The customer has no idea what the "breakdown" of those shipping costs are. Nowhere in the ordering process it is shown that for shipment abroad, an extra fee is charged.

Maybe in v1.77? :-)