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Title: WebsiteBaker version 2.8.3 SP5 (stable) Published
Post by: Boudi on December 14, 2015, 02:14:30 PM
Dear WebsiteBaker Users
Dear WebsiteBaker community

From now on WebsiteBaker version 2.8.3 with Service Pack 5 (stable) is ready for download. As You can also download the Service Pack 5 individually for updating an already installed 2.8.3.

The new installation package can be downloaded as usual from the download section ( of the wiki or from the add-on repository (

A brief overview of the major changes:

There were plenty of other changes, improvements and bug fixes made in the Code, but to keep this topic clear and readable their specifications we let omit.

When (re)programming modules please check our wiki ( where many useful information is available that can help you.

A big shoutout goes out to DarkViper who has changed the Class SecureToken on WB-2.8.3 to make WebsiteBaker safer and easier to use. The former, for some incomprehensible, switching between SingleTab and multitab-Secure form is a thing of the past. The same level of safety standard has been adapted in the supplied modules.

Many thanks to LuiseHahne, dbs, jacobi22, HGS and all the others who have supported us for weeks while WebsiteBaker finish 2.8.3 SP5.

We all wish you a Merry Christmas and much success in your work with Website Baker 2.8.3 SP5

The WebsiteBaker Team