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Title: Values not sticking under Shipping Costs after modification
Post by: seanie_morris on August 06, 2015, 03:55:36 PM
I successfully tweaked the overall layout so that I can have 4 delivery price options. Instead of 'domestic' and 'abroad', I now have 4 options as seen in the 2 jpegs here (also showing a jpeg of the product frontend view):

I also amended the MySQL under wb_mod_bakery_general_settings rows for both shipping_domestic and shipping_abroad, and adding 2 more, as per the names shown here.

The Problem: when I add the values under 'General Settings' in Bakery's admin backend, the values don't stick and therefore just show EUR0.00 in the product's frontend. What am I missing here?

Another Problem: I also have an additional problem whereby the shipping options are not selectable, and going through the shopping cart will give the final price with Free Shipping. I think this is because I have to tweak the file view_summary.php under the code at line 625:
Code: [Select]
// Select shipping rate
if ($effective_country == $setting_shop_country) {
   $setting_shipping_rate = $setting_shipping_standard_ireland;
elseif (in_array($effective_country, $setting_zone_countries)) {
$setting_shipping_rate = $setting_shipping_zone;
else {
$setting_shipping_rate = $setting_shipping_registered_ireland;

but I could do with some help on this.