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Title: Japanese Language Module
Post by: Maximus on August 10, 2010, 12:35:46 PM
I have updated Japanese language module file which is not uploaded on WB formal sites.
I have confirmed that the JP language module does work on WB 2.8.1.
I think you can install attatched file which shall be renamed as JA.php.
I cannot take any responsibility for using the file as the license term says.

I did not use language edit module as EN.php file says because I did not find the edit module.
// use languageedit-module to modify this file

I have no idea about editing header comments for adding it to SVN repository.
I hope someone can commit the language module by required process and method.
I hope JA language module is released and corrected by many Japanese users, too.

Mr.Nihongi has created Japanese translation for WB version 2.3.1 on his website
Looks like he has changed many other files for making JA.php(EUC) avairable in WB 2.3.1
I have confirmed JA.php as UTF-8 encoding does work without any change in WB 2.8.1.

I also translated "Template Guidelines" from English to Japanese.
It will be noticed in other topic.

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