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Title: Teams and its member
Post by: Waldschwein on November 03, 2009, 11:17:48 AM

Preamble: Please do not discuss in here about the design, about the teams itself (it makes sense only the mentioned teams are mentioned and no others), about no responses in the past when writing a form application - and please don't disabuse this thread - otherwise I will ask a moderator to delete the whole thread and will abandon from writing such form of threads in the future.

About the topic:
Like many of you have perhaps seen already, there's a new overview of WebsiteBaker teams and it's members here:
This list is really the only current one - forum ranks and similar aren't.
It was written according to official association guidelines, registrations in the common teamarea (there people could look at it), after consultating team leaders (concerning: Help Project) and according to the forum (concerning: Forum Team).
If there are new team members, please let somebody know it - the team leaders should know how to do it.

Concerning the public:
--- Are informations missing or incorrect - e.g. forum name and/or link to it and/or is it unwanted, the "real name" is incorrect, is missing or unwanted? Please let me know - here, in the common teamarea, with PM or email.
--- Somebody is missing on the list, although he or she is in a team?
Please note: The list is a current one, therefore unfortunately no people can be listed that were or want to become active! Only people definitely grouped in a team and/or were asked by the team leader into it can be listed.
If there's somebody after all still missing: Please inform the needed informations - Team, position in the team, real name (if wanted, if not please say it), forum name (if needed).

I'm just - you can concern the team list - in the Homepage Team. That means, I just write that what I know, nothing more. In the future it will be called "We, the Homepage Team". The Recruitment Team or the Teams are looking after the recruiting - as well when people are leaving.

At least the most important thing:
The teams need new people! You can see, there are some team positions vacant. Especially people that don't just speak German and English - but everybody should at least understand a bit English, or should know how to understand it. An advantage would be a headset & Skype / Teamspeak and an email account or software which can sort incoming emails into different folders.

Yours Michael
Title: Re: Teams and its member
Post by: Waldschwein on December 07, 2009, 02:39:19 PM

We say welcome to several new Team members that joined our teams the last days!

Just look there:

And keep in mind: We are growing, but in some teams we still need members.  8-)

Yours Michael
Title: Re: Teams and its member
Post by: Waldschwein on December 15, 2009, 01:35:09 PM

Matthias (rubenwurzel) retired from Forum Team Leader - Jurgen (Argos) took over the position and is now our new Forum Team Leader!

Yours Michael