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Patchday May 2022
« on: May 31, 2022, 07:07:02 PM »
Hello WebsiteBaker users,

it's that time again. We have taken a look at the forum posts (error messages) of the last weeks and could fix some problems of third party modules in cooperation with the module author of MpForm, Code2 and Hints (error template class not found) in WebsiteBaker version 2.13.1 and patch R115 to php8.0.x.

Change log
  • By request of some users, forgotten placeholders in the news module loop section were added back.
  • added 3 new placeholders in template post loop section
  • old loop div container post-date
  • new loop div container post-date
  • Automatic call of upgrade-script after new installation if patch R115 is installed at the same time
  • Revise output_filter, upgrade from older versions
  • Adjustment of login logic BackendTheme for version 2.8.x

Instructions new installation WebsiteBaker version 2.13.1/upgrade WebsiteBaker versions before 2.13.1
  • Download Archive WebsiteBaker 2.13.1
  • Download Patch R115 for WB 2.13.1
  • Download version 17
  • Rename the unzip... to unzip.php
  • Upload the 3 files via FTP to the application path (document root or subdirectory)
  • In the browser address bar call the absolute url/unzip.php
  • In the selection list select full package WebsiteBaker 2.13.1. Confirm delete archives. Unzip must remain
  • Select Patch R115 for WB 2.13.1 in the selection list. Confirm delete archive and unzip
  • Press button backend
  • (No install only) perform new installation. Installation in a subfolder is detected
  • After login to backend WB patch R115 upgrade is offered automatically

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