Author Topic: WB-2.8.3-SP4 is released  (Read 6002 times)

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WB-2.8.3-SP4 is released
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:01:27 AM »
After 12 days now The public RC-Test for WB-2.8.3-SP4 is finished.

From today you can download the final Version of WB-2.8.3-SP4 from the download area of our Homepage.
Also a pure Servicepack 4 is available. You can use it to upgrade any version of 2.8.3 to WB-2.8.3-SP4

This Version includes all fixes and servicepacks since WB-2.8.3
  • New install forces utf8 database tables (new constant DB_CHARSET in config.php) and utf-8 default charset in admin/settings. (Don't change charset in a running system without detailed knowledge)
  • Add $oFCKeditor->Config['ProcessHTMLEntities'] in modules/fckeditor/include.php to set editor entities handling dynamically true or false
  • Database connect with utf8 if DB_CHARSET and DEFAULT_CHARSET has set the right utf-8 charset
  • All fixes in show_menu2
  • Fix droplet [[RANDOMIMAGE]]
  • Fix droplet [[Skype]]
  • Fix droplet [[ShowWysiwyg]]
  • Fix droplet [[SectionPicker]]
  • Fix account redirect by cancel button
  • Small capatcha fix iframe parameter
  • Fix output content with visibility private
  • Preventing multiple loading of JS files in the backend
  • Add save&back button to wysiwyg modify
  • Set News version to 3.5.7
  • PclZip patch for ubuntu 32Bit Server
  • Typofix output_filter, add missing backtick, index.php line 93
  • Fix output_filter (see reply #51) set module version to 0.5
  • Upgrade PhpMailer to version 5.2.7

WebsiteBaker 2.8.3SP4 UPGRADE instructions

1) Backup the webspace
2) Backup the database
3) Unzip SP4
4) Upload all folders and files to your existing WB 283 installation
5) Login to the backend as super administrator
6) Run upgrade-script.php in root folder

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